How to Build Confidence in your Child

Confidence and self -esteem forms the foundation of a child’s mental, physical and social happiness. If a child feels good about himself, he will have a positive approach towards everything.

Being a parent it is our duty to make the child realize his/her worth.

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Here are some simple tips for the parents to build confidence in your child:

1. Building self-image- The way a child thinks about him is the way he reacts. A child forms an image about himself according to what his parents think and says about him. Refrain yourself from labeling or categorizing him as a shy or nervous child. Remember a kid imitates his parent. If you have a poor self-worth then how will your kid realize his worth? Inculcate healthy self -worth to build confidence in your child. Let them realize their inner strength and their  importance in your and others life

2. Develop assertive skills- Encourage your child to be assertive that is to take a stand for himself and others right without being aggressive and in a positive way. This will build confidence in your child. Remember to teach him to take a stand for right things that do not harm anyone or hurt someone’s feelings. If he is wrong, then teach him to calmly accept his mistake. Your kid imitates you so keep patience and show respect for others. Try to find out some healthy resolutions in case you have a conflict with your spouse in front of your child.

3. Accept your child’s feeling- Every child is different and may give a different response to the same situation. For example, one child may love swimming, but other may show fear towards it. If you will force him to learn swimming you may make his situation worse and confusing. Accept your child’s feeling. Try to understand him, support him, relax him to build confidence in your child. After calming your kid, talk to him about his fear and help him deal with it.

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4. The optimistic approach towards life- A child is a learner. He learns after attempts of failure to perform.  Whenever his attempts fail and he feels disappointed, reassure him that failure is a part of life. Encourage him to improve his ways and try again to achieve the goals.

5. Have healthy discussions- Spend some time with your children. Let them express their thoughts and feelings. Involve them in healthy discussions and debates on various topics such as the environment awareness. Tell them to put their opinion. You may also invite their friends to encourage discussions and to build confidence in your child.

6. Let them explore- Let your child explore new things and play freely. Encourage him to practice new activities. Refrain yourself to interfere and let him manage things on his own. This will give him a feeling of  independence. You may sometimes make your kid in charge of various household activities like selecting dinner menu, taking care of  and tutoring smaller sibling, etc..

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A confident child is a happy child. Praise your child, Help him to nurture his interests. Show affection and tell him how much you love and value him. This will build confidence in your child.


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