5 Tips to Curl your Eyelashes Naturally to Look Attractive

Long and curled eyelashes make your eyes look big and beautiful. But you don’t always have time to go to the parlour to shape your eyelashes and get them to curl.

Below are some tips to curl eyelashes easily at home and get the desired curl.

5 ways to curl eyelashes at home

  1. Use your fingers– For this apply mascara to your eyelashes and let it die within your eyelashes. Now with your fingertips push eyelashes forward so that they point upward. Hold for a minute. Repeat this several times to get the desired curl.
  2. Toothbrush– Take a toothbrush and clean it with hot water. By pressing the toothbrush into a towel dry it properly. Now Brush through your eyelashes. Start brushing from the base to tip. On reaching the tips hold for a minute. This will curl the eyelashes.
  1. Use spoon– This is a very helpful as well as an easy way to curl eyelashes because a spoon is always available in everyone’s kitchen. You will also need the talcum powder for this purpose. Take some talcum powder and apply to your eyelashes. This will prevent them from sticking while curling. Now apply the mascara to your eyelashes. After this take a spoon clean it and dip it in hot water. This will make the spoon hot. Dry the spoon with the help of a clean towel. It is better if you check the temperature of the spoon by touching it before using it. When the spoon gets a little cool. Place the curled portion of the spoon under your eye such as way that it touches maximum eyelashes. With the help of your thumb press your eyelashes against the spoon to form the desired curl. Now release the thumb. Do this with each of your eyelashes till it becomes curled.
  2. Warm fingers– Rub both your hands together to warm them. Now with your fingertips push your eyelashes. Keep them in this position for a few seconds. Repeat this till you get desired results. You may also repeat this method between applying the first and second coat of mascara.
  3. With the help of eyelash curler- Even if you have an eyelash curler it is very important to know the right way to use it to get the desired curls. This is done before applying mascara to your eyes.


First, apply upper eyelashes between curled edges. Now squeeze and then hold the curler in this position for 10 seconds. Remember not to hold the curler close lash base. Release the curler gently. You may also heat the eyelash curler before using it to make the curls stay longer. However, make sure it is not too hot or it may burn your skin. The best way to heat curler is using a hair dryer for this purpose.

* The curler must be taken at the eyelash base to start with.

*Avoid getting your skin into the curler or it will hurt.

Try any of the above-mentioned tips to curl eyelashes before any occasion. This will highlight your eyes and you will be the centre of everyone’s attraction.

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