How to Delay your Periods Naturally

Menstruation is a normal physiological cycle experienced by a female between 12 to 55 years every month. Many of the females suffer from  abdomen pain, body ache, burning, heavy flow during this time. Also, there is the necessity to change sanitary napkins and dispose of them after regular intervals. All these conditions make the period time uncomfortable and demand rest.

But what if you have to attend a marriage or your own marriage and honeymoon dates are clashing with your period dates. What if your friends are planning a group holiday or a  picnic during the dates you are expecting your periods. You may have a swimming competition or  exams coming during that period. Also, a menstruating woman is prohibited from visiting religious places and attend religious ceremonies.

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Obviously, in all above situations, you must be praying to the god to delay your periods. You may also try synthetic and hormonal pills prescribes by your doctor to delay your period. But do you know there are natural and totally safe ways to postpone periods?

Below are the few tips on how to delay your periods naturally

  1. Vinegar– It is found very effective in delaying periods. Add 2 to 3 spoons of vinegar in a glass of water. Take it regularly to postpone your period dates.
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  1. Intense exercise- It is an easy and effective way to postpone menstruation. It stimulates the production of testosterone hormone and limits estrogen production. Try jogging, swimming, running and another kind of physical exercises.
  2. Breast massage– However, there is no scientific proof of this, but breast massage has been found effective to postpone periods by many women. For this massage your breast in a circular motion. Massage clockwise and anticlockwise moving your fingers from nipples to outside. Repeat this 200 times for results.
  3. Shepherd’s purse- It not only reduces menstrual bleeding but also delays your period. Dry the herb and grinds to make powder. You may use its tincture. Consume it with water. It is easily available at the health stores.

* Do consult your gynecologist before consuming it.

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  1. Gelatin- It is easily available in the market and is successful in giving the desired results. Just take a bowl of warm water and put the packet of gelatin in it. Drink it 3 times a day to delay your periods.
  2. Gram lentil- Consuming gram lentil on a daily basis is found to postpone periods. Fry the lentils till it gets soft and then grind it to make a fine powder. Add water and make soup of it with a thick consistency. Consume it daily till the date you want to delay your periods.
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  1. Lemon- Due to the presence of citric acid it not only postpone menstruation but also relieves from inflammation and pain. Chew a lemon or drink its juice on a regular basis.

There are various reasons that may compel female to wish to delay her periods. You may try any of the above-mentioned methods as they are totally safe for you. Besides them avoid spicy food and caffeine, drink lots of water and reduce stress. Remember, it is safe to postpone your periods for a few days, but do consult a doctor to rule out any health conditions that may aggravate on delaying menstruation.

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