Emo Makeup for both Girls and Boys

Emo makeup is most trending among the teenagers and youngsters. It highlights dark eyes and gives a smoky look. It makes you look unusual and adds drama. However, emo makeup is not just for girls, but also for boys But there are specific guidelines for both.

Below are tips for emo makeup for girls on how to wear an emo makeup.

Emo makeup for girls:

Image Source: emorawr.com
Image Source: emorawr.com

1. Clean your face- The first and the foremost step is to clean your face properly using a mild soap and then pat it dry. After this, you may wear makeup primer to keep makeup adhere to your skin.

2. Apply concealer base and foundation- Apply Stick concealer because it is applied evenly and hides blemishes. Use liquid foundation because that blends properly. The shade of your concealer and foundation should be according to your skin tone. Selection of the wrong tone or lighter shades may make your skin look pale and washed out. You don’t need to cover your face with powder. You can go with one shade lighter foundation if you want your skin to look lighter. Using a foundation brush for the application of the foundation is the best way as it gives a polished and even look.

3. Blush- Keep it a little pinkish in comparison with your skin tone to highlight the eye makeup. Apply it on your cheekbones in a circular manner. Avoid cheek hollows and contours.

4. Emo eye makeup- Eye makeup is especially focused. It is heavy and dark.

Apply a matte slate eyeshadow across your eyelids. To highlight your eyes, to the outer one-third of eyes, lids add a little touch of black eye shadow. This will give a smoky look.

Now apply black eyeliner to your lash line and extend a little on both the sides and outer and inner corner. This will create a two-way jacket effect. Thicken the eyeliner until you are satisfied with it. The eyeliner should meet at the end of the eye corners. To give a cat like look slant the eyeliner on the outer eye corner upwards towards the temples.

Smudging your eyeliner is also very important. You can use a sponge applicator for this.

* The consistency of the eyeliner should be kept smooth on both the bottom and top lash lines.

*A liquid eyeliner gives more smooth effect.

To emphasize eyelashes use mascara. While applying do not smudge the mascara onto the eyelids.

You can also use false eyelashes to add more drama to your look.

5. Lips– As we focus more on highlighting eyes so lip color chosen should not be dramatic. Use a lip balm. Avoid dark colors. Slight pink lip color or any other natural shade is preferred. No need to use lip liner or lip glosses.

Emo makeup for boys

Image Source: polyvore.com
Image Source: polyvore.com

Most boys do not use concealer or foundation, but they can use a little bit to hide blemishes or scars. Better use the Stick concealer to give an even look.

Put stick eyeliner close to eyelashes. The amount of eyeliner is a personal choice. To define edges use liquid eyeliner.

Eyeshadow is optional. Better go for charcoal one. Use sparingly and also apply it under the eyes.

A black mascara is a must to complete the emo look. Boys do not need to curl their eyelashes.

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