Face Mapping- 9 Secrets Your Face Says About Your Health

During ancient times skin of your face played an important role in recognizing the imbalance within the body. This observational diagnosis is known as face mapping.

This article will reveal how Ayurveda connects various body part to some point on the face to diagnose and treat internal ailment just by taking a view of the skin of the face.

Image Source: facingacne.com
Image Source: facingacne.com

9 Secrets of face mapping

1. Forehead- If you have acne on the forehead it may be an indication of the gall bladder and liver issues or indigestion.

Switch on to healthy food habits and quit processed foods and caffeine. Reduce stress by incorporating light exercises, yoga, and meditation. Avoid refined sugars and saturated fatty acids. Make sure to drink more water to detoxify your body.

2. Between the eyebrows– If you have vertical lines between the eyebrows on the right side, it is suggestive repressed emotions and stress. Acne between eyebrow indicates a lack of sleep and dehydration. Massage between the eyebrows to promote blood circulation. Have proper sleep. Keep yourself hydrated, practice meditation, yoga and avoid smoking and alcohol.

3. Cheeks- Any breakout in this region is an indication of slower metabolism, lung issues and decreased absorption of nutrients. Quit smoking and practice breathing exercises.

4. Ears– Hot and red ears are suggestive of some kidney issues. Drink plenty of water and quit caffeine and alcohol.

5. Eyes– If you notice small iris it may be because of joint problems. White patches on the iris indicate a degenerative state of the joints which needs immediate attention. In the case of spots on the iris, there is the low absorption of the nutrients. Yellow eyes are due to some liver diseases. Decreases the intake of sugar and salt if you see a ring around the iris.

Dark circles around the eyes are due to dehydration and poor detoxification.

If lower eyelids are swollen this is an indication of kidney issues.

Increase the intake of water. Eat foods rich in vitamins, calcium, and iron and chew your food properly.

6. Nose– If your nose turns red, get your blood pressure checked as it may be high. It may also be an indication of Rosacea. You need to increase the amount of essential fatty acids in your diet and cut down the intake of saturated fatty acids, alcohol, and smoking.

7. Lips– Brown spots on the lower lips may be due to indigestion or poor function of the enzyme. It may also be an indication of worm infestation. Eat yogurt to ease the symptoms.

If you are suffering from anemia your lips may turn pale and in the case of poor oxygen absorption your lips may have the bluish tinge. Cracks at the edges of the lips are due to vitamin deficiency and dry lips indicate dehydration. Eat vitamin and iron rich food and increase water intake.

8. Chin- Any breakout on the chin is due to hormone imbalance and stress. Take proper sleep, increase protein in diet and practice some exercises

9. Tongue- White tongue is due to indigestion. Abrasion on the tongue indicates lung issues. The uneven edged tongue is because of lack of nutrients.

Hope you will find above article on face mapping useful and will bring necessary changes in your lifestyle.

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