How to do a Goblet Squat

A perfect goblet squat is the best way to show the status of an alpha-male. This is an incredible exercise in which no exercise can match or beat. Due to the lack of strength and mobility, most of  the people fail to pull perfect goblet squat.

Most of the people complain that squat hurts knee, but this is because of their lack of knowledge to do the perfect goblet squat properly. This exercise if properly executed is incredibly effective in building muscles and burning fat. No other exercise can beat it. Keep in mind goblet squat is perfectly safe as it is a natural movement.

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In this article we will learn how to do the perfect goblet squat:

The right way to do Goblet squat

-Set a stance with the help of a training partner or a video camera. You should begin with a four-point stance on the ground. For this keep your hands under your shoulders, knees under hips and dorsiflex your ankles. Please note that your back should stay flat.

-You should begin with a narrow stance so that knees travel back and behind the hip crease. If you find the problem with position widen your stance a little and then try again.

-After finding the right foot position it is better to push yourself up into standing position and  grab a kettlebell. Start with a light weight kettlebell and swing it so that your hands grip the side of the handle of kettlebell and the bell is at the top of your chest.

-Now squat as deep as it is possible for you to from the decided stance. Put the elbow point into the Vastus medialis. Take a deep breath into your belly and hold the breath so that the stomach is tensed. Now descend down with knees pushed out, elbows inside your knees, with hip crease below your knee and give a short grunt. You should squat down between the legs so that your hamstring muscles are on the calves. Remember to keep the chest, head and back straight. When you reach the bottom position do give a pause and then push your knees with the help of your elbows to return to the standing position. This way rise out  from the goblet squat to drive through the heels. Repeat this 10 to 20 times

Keep in mind

  1. For first 2 weeks perform not more than 3 sets of 6 to 20 goblet squat repetitions with the help of kettlebell that is light. You may also take a heavy book.
  2. Start doing goblet squats 3 days in a week and give a day off between the sessions. Gradually your technique, muscle strength, and endurance will improve.

Remember if goblet squat is performed in a wrong way it can cause damage but if done in the correct way it is more effective and strengthens body more than any other weight lifting exercises.

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